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Back in the day, a century or more ago, hundreds of visitors arrived daily in Cape May on the train. Today, those same railroad tracks are providing a fun excursion called railbiking, with Revolution Rail, a family activity that allows riders to ride the railroad tracks under their own power and enjoy nature in a unique way.

Tours begin at the Welcome Center on Lafayette Street where riders board a two or a four-seater railbike, ready to pedal through the salt marshes of Cape Island Creek to enjoy wildflowers, butterflies and a diverse avian population of visitors that migrate through the area, making Cape May a bird watcher’s paradise.

Past the marsh, riders pedal along the spectacular 180-acre Garrett Family Preserve managed by the Nature Conservancy. Riders can hop off their bikes for a brief tour of the preserve with a staff naturalist before pedaling through the bucolic Sayre family farm, followed by a glimpse of the Isaac Smith Vineyard.

At the canal turnaround, riders can watch yachts, fishing vessels and Coast Guard boats in the canal headed home to Cape May or out to the Delaware Bay. The stop includes a history lesson about the Cape May Canal and its importance during World War II.

Back at the Welcome Center after just over four miles pedaling in the rear-view mirror, riders are ready to enjoy their day in Cape May, America’s First Seashore Resort – and tell everyone about their revolution railbiking adventure. Reservations are a must.

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